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I’m the author of “Our Constitution Rocks” and my upcoming book “Our Presidents Rock” which will be in bookstores this September 30!

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Most Americans will agree that rescuing a prisoner of war is the right and patriotic thing to do; however, when this prisoner of war apparently converted to Islam and declared jihad while in captivity, the action turns from one of heroics to one of controversy and doubt.
Regardless of the reason behind Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s conversion and change (whether he did so to ease his captivity or out of free will), his actions while in captivity along with the release of five of the most dangerous Gitmo detainees drastically increase the security threat toward America.
This controversy is further muddled by the fact that Obama bypassed the law by not giving Congress a thirty-day notice before releasing the inmates from Guantanamo Bay.
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